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It was pretty inactive here, therefore, today is the time that an announcement needs to be made here. This is not a notice of shutdown, this is just something that needs to be said. I thank you in advance for stopping by and taking your time to read this announcement.

Let’s begin...

Dear community,

About three years ago, I started my first Vanilla server project in Strasbourg, which is located in France. At the time, it used to be a smaller server with only a couple of friends playing on it. During this time, I learned how to be qualified in Game Emulation. Through gaining a variety of experiences in Linux, Databases and Programming Languages, I became a developer of Australia’s WoW Private Server Community.

In this era, I was using MaNGOS for my french project, which led me to meet the first three Nostralian developers on their GitHub repository. Due to a conflict of interest between the developers’ team, the owner decided to hand over the head developer’s leadership to me. After experiencing tons of game-breaking bugs, I decided to swap to Elysium Core, which gave us more server stability, and almost perfectly scripted battlegrounds and dungeons. Because of the administrator’s poor game knowledge and a lot of bad decisions, he made a decision to finish the project and shut down the server forever.

In order to help the homeless players, I started my second project, called The Barrens. My vision was to provide the best possible Burning Crusade game experience. After trying all available public TBC source codes, we realized that there was no point in using one of those since it was such an underdeveloped code. As a result, the frustration was huge until we found a closed source project. This core has been 9 years in development, however many bugs still exist in the core, which is frustrating for us, but primarily you the community.

I would like to thank you all, for breathing life into this community, putting up with the constant bugs, regressions, and issues that caused frustrations playing. Thank you for the effort you have gone to post bugs on the GitHub. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Thank you for letting us know the Server had crashed by spamming F, Thank you for telling us you hit 70 before the crash and it reset you to level 20, Thank you for all the memes, it has been an absolute blast! But...

It is finally here! Classic WoW has been announced! I am pretty sure I can speak for a majority of players in this community and in others, Fuck yes. Everything we have wanted, worked towards, dreamed of, finally has come to fruition. Which ultimately leads us to make a decision. We have always previously stated we plan to push on through classic, But ever since the announcement, our server numbers have dropped. Usually averaging 200-220 population a night, that has come down to under 150. We thought we could push through it, Yes we know, stupid, but a lot of people have made it clear that they will begin to tune it down in the coming weeks and eventually they will be playing Classic full time.

We know we currently still have 4 active raiding guilds and the server will continue as to such a time the population sees fit that we shut down.

What does the future hold? Who knows, as it stands we all plan to play Classic, and if required we will keep this server running. Perhaps in 6-12 months after the hype from classic dies down, and people begin raid logging we might fire up a Wrath Server?
Posted By Nolin, 23/05/2019