The Barrens ⟫ Rules


By playing on The Barrens, players agree to adhere to the following rules. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse. The Barrens staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time. Players are obligated to observe changes to the rules announced via the website, in-game, or in Discord, and abide by them even if this page has not been updated. It is possible to appeal against a staff member's decision only via direct message on Discord. Staff reserve the right to ban any player from the game server and/or Discord server without stating a reason.


1. Language

It is against the rules to use racism/racist terms, spam, or troll in public channels in-game and in Discord.

Access to public channels and Discord is a privilege, not a right, and can be taken away at any time based on the player's behaviour, without warning, at the discretion of staff.

2. Botting

Automated or unmanned playing of your character is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate ban of the account, with the potential for all your accounts being banned.

3. Multiboxing

Multiboxing is generally allowed. 3rd party software or "clever use of game mechanics" are strictly prohibited. This includes keyboard macros and any other method used to send inputs to multiple clients simultaneously.

Multiboxing in world PvP (outside Battlegrounds) is allowed subject to the rule above.

Multiboxing in Battlegrounds is strictly prohibited. This includes queueing for a Battleground.

4. PvP Abuse

The following acts are prohibited:

  1. Win trading
  2. Purposely popping multiple Battleground queues with no intention of joining them.
  3. AFKing in Battlegrounds while avoiding the anti-AFK mechanics

5. Safespotting

It's against the rules to attack/grief players from safespotting positions, including in Battlegrounds.

Purposely engaging in PvP while in a position that is not accessible or not easily accessible by the other combatant(s) without significant effort, or due to racial traits such as size or lack of ability.

Examples of Safespotting:

  1. On the arch in Cenarion Hold
  2. On any roof not accessible by town guards
  3. Anywhere in a Battleground where you are unable to be attacked by other players without exploiting terrain

Examples of what isn't safespotting:

  1. Attacking from the water in Booty Bay / Ratchet
  2. Attacking in any town and leashing the guards to drop combat
  3. Attacking from a position where guards may not aggro but you can still be attacked by the player without exploiting terrain

6. Economy

Players are forbidden from the following:

The Barrens will not be held responsible for players who have been scammed.

7. Account Sharing

Sharing your account is at your own risk.

Players who share their account information and have their accounts hacked/impacted will not receive any assistance whatsoever from our staff.

We strongly encourage players to keep their account information private, and regularly change their passwords. DO NOT use the same account/password combination that you may have used on other websites.

8. Hacking

Modifying the functioning of the client or its communication with the server (hacking), tampering with game files, getting to the other side of doors without actually opening them, teleporting/speed and other such behavior is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account closure(s).

9. Exploiting

Exploiting a bug or unintentional change, regardless of personal gain, is strictly prohibited. Please report any bugs to staff immediately.

10. Staff harassment

The Barrens staff are volunteers who take significant time out of their week to keep the server running. Dealing with adults acting like children is not part of their responsibility.

The following is not permitted:

Our team members work under their staff alias, and should only be addressed under such alias. Any direct or indirect insinuation(s) of possible links between a team member and their regular player identity (should they also play on the server) is strictly prohibited (whether joking or not).

As staff receive no in-game perks or benefits for their volunteering, and are punished (up to removal and closing of all their accounts) if they abuse their power; it's unacceptable for players to take matters into their own hands with any of the above harassment or abuse and will not be tolerated.

Constructive criticism is always welcome via private means, such as a direct message on Discord.

If you have any complaints about the actions or behavior of a team member, contact another member of the staff. If you insist on taking "matters into your own hands" or disregard the message of this rule, you may be subject to punishment.

11. Naming Policy

Players are prohibited from naming characters/pets/guilds with vulgar, obscene, insulting, hateful, threatening or mocking expressions. Names found to be violating this policy may be renamed by the staff at their discretion. Players that continue to use names which violate the rules after being forcibly renamed may be subject to additional punishment.

11. Item Restoration

Lost or wrongly assigned loot will not be restored.